Proclamation 15 ~ Premier Tortoise of Illiton

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Premier Recipient of the
Award of the Tortoise of Illiton

April 6, 2018 ~ AS53

The diligent tortoise was prized
By Aesop, who philosophized,
“To emblazon my friend
Rubricate him and then
Counterturn him contourney fesswise.”

Proclaim to all that Master Wilhelm Michalik is highly skilled in the art of calligraphy and has demonstrated great DILIGENCE in practicing his chosen craft. For more than a decade, Wilhelm has penned scrolls for the Barony of Illiton and for the Middle Kingdom.
Currently he serves as Midlands Regional Signet and previously served as Baronial Signet. He founded the Scribal Guild of Illiton and teaches others how to make perfect letters in long monotonous lines . . . page after page of them . . . until your eyes get blurry and you feel like plucking them out of your skull with a dull quill pen. In short, Wilhelm does for fun what Baron John’s tutor made him do for punishment.

Therefore, now do We, Baroness Maire (Mistress of the All-Seeing Eye of Illiton) and John (Master of the Wobbly Signature) recognize the toil and zeal of Our subject, Wilhelm Michalik. This day We name him the PREMIER recipient of the AWARD OF THE TORTOISE OF ILLITON. Furthermore, We grant Wilhelm the right to bear the badge, Barry wavy argent and azure, a tortoise fesswise contourny gules, and give him leave to write on the castle walls to his heart’s content.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton at Our Celebration of Rites of Spring, on this sixth day of April, AS LIII (53).