2024 Inkin’ and Drinkin’ in Lincoln

2024 Inkin’ and Drinkin’ in Lincoln Event Info

This will be a day devoted to classes and activities
on the scribal arts and the making (and consuming) of beverages.

Friday April 5th – Sunday April 7th, 2024
The Annex, 710 E Main St, La Harpe, IL 61450
Click Here For Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/D9ea5tLJHV7SGvzQ6

Gate Hours:
Friday Night Hours: Site opens 6PM CST, Gate closes at 10PM.
Saturday Hours: 9AM to 6PM (these times may change)
Sunday Morning: Site closes at Noon.

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only way to Guarantee ticket for BBQ on Saturday!
Site Fees: $25 for adults, $5 for ages 13-17, ages 12 and under are free
* $10 SCA Member discount with card for adult site fee
* Soup donation with receipt to offset site fee
Day board included with site fee:
– An oatmeal bar with various mix-ins available for breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning
– Soups, breads, and other food throughout the day Saturday
Indoor camping included with site fee:
– For those who wish to arrive Friday night and/or stay until Sunday morning, there is a large room available for crash space. Bring cots, air mattresses, popup tents, etc.
Treat it like you’re camping somewhere that doesn’t allow ground stakes.

More Food! Price: $10
In addition, the owner of the site will be making a bbq dinner available Saturday evening. Tentative menu: ribs, pulled pork, au gratin potatoes, salad
Currently the plan is for 25 tickets to be available, but if there is more interest ahead of time, we can arrange for more.

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– Scribal track with classes and scribal play room
– Brewers drink tasting area for those 21 and over with ID
– *No Fighting At Event*

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Teacher Call Out & Class Previews!

Interested in teaching? Here’s a link to the Google signup form!

A Quick Class List Preview


  • Applied Color Theory for Scribes
  • Blackletter Minuscules
  • Body Mechanics for Scribes
  • Chinese Paper Cutting Craft Hour
  • Create Your First Scroll Blank
  • Excruciatingly Basic Calligraphy, Gothic Quadrata
  • Excruciatingly Basic Calligraphy, Uncial
  • How to Scribe for the Middle Kingdom
  • Sumi-e – Basic Japanese Ink Painting
  • Using an Ames Lettering Guide
  • …And More!


  • Althol Brose
  • An Apple A Day – History of Cider- Cider Styles
  • Basic Cordials
  • Brewing Beer from a Kit
  • Introduction to Wine Making
  • Let’s Make a Bouchet!
  • Sakanjabin and Other Non-Alcohol Syrups 
  • Vinegar 401: Evolution of Balsamic Vinegar
  • …And More!

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