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About the SCA

The Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), was founded in 1966, and has grown into a “Known World” of 19 kingdoms, multiple principalities, with over 30,000 members throughout the world.

It is an international organization, dedicated to applied research and historical studies with a focus on pre-17th century era’s and cultures.

This includes hands-on experience re-creating a wide variety of martial activities, arts, sciences, and other skills from across the vast array of cultures throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The SCA is a not-for-profit organization.  All events and activities would not be possible without everyone who volunteers to bring it all together for each other.

Members will dress in clothing from their chosen era and culture and attend events which can feature different types of tournaments, royal courts, feasts, music, dancing, classes, workshops, and more!

More About the Barony of Illiton

About the Barony of Illiton

The Barony of Illiton is in the Midlands region in the Middle Kingdom – the third oldest Kingdom in the SCA.

Illiton was founded as a Shire in 1976, and became a Barony in 1983.  It’s area covers the Peoria, Tazewell, Stark, Marshall, Knox, Mason, Fulton counties and Woodford county except for the area east of I-39 areas.

Illiton also sponsors the Canton of Lochmorrow, founded in 1981, which covers the counties of McDonough, Schyler, Henderson, Warren, and Hancock counties in Illinois.

SCA Events

Throughout the year Illiton hosts two larger events in the Spring and Autumn, as well as several smaller local baronial events.  There are many events around the Middle Kingdom and beyond!

Demonstrations and Exhibitions

The Barony of Illiton and Canton of Lochmorrow can provide interactive educational programming and demonstrations for library programs, scouting, and schools by request.  And will also appear at Science-Fiction themed conventions, Renaissance Faires, and beyond.

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