Proclamation 14 ~ Premier Otter of Illiton

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Premier Recipient of the
Award of the Otter of Illiton

March 4, 2018 ~ AS52

Proclaim throughout the Midlands and Beyond that We; Maire, Patroness of all the Arts and Sciences in the Barony of Illiton, and John the Inexplicable; do recognize the talent and tenacity of Michaela de Romeny.
Specifically We acknowledge and honor her skill in costuming, her many years of service as Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences and her continuing leadership of the Sewing Guild of Illiton. Therefore We deem that is both fitting and proper that Michaela de Romeny be named the First Recipient of the AWARD OF THE OTTER OF ILLITON and We grant unto her the right to bear the badge BARRY WAVY ARGENT AND AZURE, AN OTTER PASSANT GUARDANT TO SINISTER GULES.

We realize that some might laugh at Our bestowing an entry-level award upon such an experienced artisan. However, We contend that Michaela has managed to maintain a beginner’s enthusiasm for the arts and sciences and that she continues to demonstrate the CURIOSITY OF AN OTTER in all that she does.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, at Our Rites of Spring Celebration, on this twenty-fourth day of March AS LII (52).