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About Lochmorrow

The Canton of Lochmorrow is sponsored by the Barony of Illiton.  Located within the Midlands region of the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Territory covers the counties of McDonough, Schyler, Henderson, Warren, and Hancock counties in Illinois.
Founded in 1981.

Activities in Lochmorrow

Business Meetings
Held on an as needed basis, around once a quarter.
They will be posted ahead of time on FaceBook.
*Updates are shared monthly, as needed, at the Illiton business meeting.

Fighter Practices in Quincy, IL

For Mach and April 2023 armored and rapier practices will be combined and held on these dates due to marshal availability.

March 8th
March 29th
April 12th
April 17th
April 19th

Practice will start at 5:30 pm and we will meet at the Herald Whig warehouse, 422 Jersey St. Quincy, IL. We will fight outside the warehouse next to the Whig if weather permits. We will be choosing a park for the primary practice site starting in May.
Please check the Lochmorrow FB Group for any last minute changes, or contact Sir Ix via ix@terraefinis.org or 217-242-8190