Proclamation 16 ~ Bill for Services Rendered

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Bill for Services Rendered

April 6, 2019

Unto Their Excellencies, Ookami and Petrona, Baron and Baroness of Shattered Crystal, do We, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, send most courteous Greetings.


Whereas We have been informed that four of Our citizens (Sir Ixtlixochitl, Forester Robert Thorne, The Honorable Lady Oda Umi and Lady Nessa von Metten) recently came to the aid of Shattered Crystal at an event called Crucible at the Crossroads, held in the Barony of Three Rivers in the Kingdom of Calontir;

And whereas two of those gentles helped Shattered Crystal achieve victory by winning contests of martial skill (Sir Ix as Steel Champion and Forester Robert as Adult Archery Champion);

And whereas these aforesaid citizens of Illiton incurred various traveling expenses in order to provide the aforementioned service to Your barony;

We believe it is right and fitting that We be reimbursed for those expenses. Specifically, We ask that payment be made to the Barony of Illiton to cover room, board and stabling costs at several inns betwixt Our lands and the Barony of Three Rivers. We concede that Shattered Crystal need not cover the loss of one of Our baronial horses, as the poor beast probably served as a road-side snack for the ever-peckish Sir Ix.

We are satisfied that Our people and Your people can negotiate and come to amicable agreement upon the proper sum due to Our coffers without further ado on the part of Ourselves or Yourselves. We are greatly pleased that Our citizens could aid You in Your time of need and consider the matter happily concluded.

Yours in Service to the Midlands and the Middle Kingdom,

John and Maire
Baron and Baroness of Illiton