Activities for Youth

Activities for Children & Youth

Welcome to all participants 17 and Younger!
Please contact Barony of Illiton’s Minister of Youth, Debruska Jekksdottir, for more information, questions, or suggestions! [email protected]

Click Here for Important Information About Minors

Greetings to Participants
17 and Younger!

We welcome youth participants to our various activities!

Many SCA events feature martial activities, classes, arts & science, games, and other fun opportunities for children and young adults.
Read event information for details- contact the hosting groups youth staff with any questions.

Minors will need a parent or guardian present to participate in combat activities at practices. And accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other designated responsible adult to all SCA activities.

To be permitted onto site- fill out and bring a copy of the “Minor Waiver” and “Medical Authorization” waiver forms.
Will need forms per each youth attending, and kept with them at all times. Those 17 and under cannot be admitted without the forms.
Read here for more details:
~Important Information For Minors~

Emancipated minors can bring the paperwork showing their status, along with the other forms mentioned.

Minor Waiver:

Medical Authorization for Minors Form: