Proclamation 7 ~ River Illwender Treaty

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River Illwender Treaty of Maintenance

January 14th, 2017 ~ AS51

Unto Their Peaceful and Good-Neighborly Excellencies, Gareth and Hillary, Baron and Baroness of Ayreton do We, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, send most courteous Twelfth Night Greetings.


It has come to Our attention that the waterway known as the River Illwender, which flows between the Inland Seas and the Great River, traversing your lands, Our holdings and parts of the Barony of Shattered Crystal, has become neglected and dangerous. It is Our belief that the Illwender needs maintenance and that the merchant craft and fishing boats who brave its currents deserve adequate protection from pirates, scalawags and river monsters.

We are resolved therefore to begin regular patrols of the portion of the river that flows through the Barony of Illiton. To defray Our expenses for keeping the channel clear of robbers, debris, and creatures-of-the-deep, We intend to establish a toll bridge in Illitontown to collect a small fee from each passing ship and raft. We remain concerned, however, for the sections of the river that lie beyond the borders of Our lands.

Therefore, We respectfully suggest to you (as We will suggest to Their Excellencies, Baron Maximilian and Baroness Caroline of Shattered Crystal) that similar patrol and maintenance of your portion of the river would be desirable. To this end, we propose that a RIVER ILLWENDER TREATY between Our three lands be drafted. Our ambassadors, Lady Gillian Eleanor of Roseholm and Lady Allison Renee of Roseholm, have full powers to negotiate such a treaty on our behalf. We look forward to your reply.

So say We, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton at the observance of Twelfth Night in Ayreton’s Canton of Tree Girt Sea, on this fourteenth day of January, AS LI (51).