Proclamation 6 ~ Eoin’s Stagger Inn

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Decree the Re-Establishment of Eoin’s Stagger Inn

January 7, 2017 ~ AS51

THE ANCIENT ONES OF ILLITON remember that, in the years of the Jubilee Old English Faire, the people of our barony, visitors to these lands and travelers passing through found comfort, camaraderie and good eats in a tavern called The Stagger Inn.

Let all know that we, Baron John and Baroness Maire, wishing to rekindle the hospitality of those golden days of yore, do hereby decree that a new tavern shall be built in Illitontown, our baronial seat, and that its proprietor shall be Lord Eoin atta Keld. We further decree that this establishment is to offer room and board and tasty libations, and shall be named EOIN’S STAGGER INN.

As innkeeper, Lord Eoin may post what menu he will but he shall bear in mind that, in a proper tavern, pancakes and coffee should be standard fare. He ought remember also that his baron and baroness shall eat at the inn free of charge, though they will pay full price for any drink more potent than small beer.

So say we, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, at this Celebration of Twelfth Night, here in our home lands on the seventh day of January, AS LI (51).