Proclamation 8 ~ Lord Commander

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Master Gunther von Stein named as Lord Commander of all the forces of Illiton

April 8th, 2017 ~ AS51

Let all the foes of goodness quake and tremble before the martial might of the ancient and honorable Barony of Illiton. Our soldiers, archers, fencers and thrown-weapon-specialists know not fear and treat danger with disdain.

Though We, Baron John and Baroness Maire, wish nothing but friendship with Our neighbors and fellowship with Our baronial cousins, yet We know that those who desire peace must prepare for war. Therefore, to complete the organization of Our lands and people for potential conflict, We do this day name Master Gunther von Stein LORD COMMANDER of all the forces of Illiton.

Those assembled in this hall know the many years of service and the martial prowess of Master Gunther. No gentle has worked harder or longer to secure Our borders and keep the enemies of Syrene at bay. He is THE ROCK OF ILLITON and he holds our absolute trust.

So say We John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, at Our Rites of Spring Celebration, on this eighth day of April, AS LI (51).