Proclamation 29 ~ Premier Winged Barbel

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Premier Recipient of the
Order of the Winged Barbel

August 28, 2021 ~ AS56

There are those who labor for the welfare of their local groups—and that is good. There are others who also lend a helping-hand to their neighbors, building bridges between the baronies and the shires—and that is better. There is one, We have noticed, who does not live within the borders of Our Lands and yet has often journeyed to Illiton to work or to teach or to lead activities. She has in fact spent forty years traveling throughout the Midlands, serving the entire region without expectation of reward or recognition, and doing so always with a joyful heart, like a fish dancing upon the waves.

In recognition of her four decades of service to Our barony and to the Midlands, today We make MISTRESS ALPHIA BIRAZ-PARS the PREMIER of Our ORDER OF THE WINGED BARBEL. We grant her the right to bear the badge, Paly wavy argent and azure, a bat-winged barbel embowed and in chief a bridge of one span Or. Furthermore, We give Mistress Alphia leave to sail upon or swim in the River Illwender, if she so chooses; and to cross the Loch Syrene Toll Bridge free-of-charge.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, as Our last act in Our final court, on this twenty-eighth day of August, AS LVI (56), at Baroness Wars.