Proclamation 24 ~ Premier Salmon of Illiton

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Premier Recipient of the
Award of the Salmon of Illiton

July 18th, 2020

Whereas The Honorable Lord David of Lochmorrow hath spent many hours researching and practicing the art of PYROGRAPHY (also known as POKERWORK) . . .

And whereas, David hath used his talents to illuminate scrolls and to decorate chests and goblets and plaques, which he hath then given away freely to Us and to members of Our barony and to citizens of the Middle Kingdom . . .

And whereas David is considered by many to be an expert in his chosen craft and hath been consulted by sundry curious gentles desiring to acquire his KNOWLEDGE . . .

Therefore, We wish now to honor Our subject, David of Lochmorrow by naming him the PREMIER RECIPIENT of the AWARD OF THE SALMON OF ILLITON. We grant David the right to bear the badge, Barry wavy argent and azure, a salmon contourny gules and give him leave to gather kindling from the edges of Banner Bog.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton at Our Rites of Spring Celebration, on this fourth day of April, AS LIV (54).

(Note: Rites of Spring event was not held due to plague.
Award bestowed instead at first Ethereal Court of Illiton, July 18th 2020.)