Proclamation 25 ~ Premier Warlord

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Premier Warlord of Illiton

July 18th, 2020

All those assembled here know of the decades of service and martial prowess of Master Gunther von Stein. No gentle battled harder or worked longer to secure Our borders and keep the enemies of Syrene at bay. He was THE ROCK OF ILLITON and he held Our love and absolute trust.

Three years ago, We named Master Gunther LORD COMMANDER of all our forces. In that office, he served Us faithfully and well. We had planned this spring to reward Gunther by granting him a higher title, newly registered with the College of Heralds—but, alas, Fate had other plans.

We can no longer call Our friend forward in person to recognize his great worth to the barony. We can, however, honor his memory.

Today, therefore, We posthumously name Master Gunther von Stein WARLORD OF ILLITON, a rank signified by the badge, (Fieldless) Two tridents in saltire argent. Although We must soon appoint some other gentle to this post, Master Gunther shall be recorded as THE PREMIER WARLORD of Our barony. May all those who follow in his footsteps strive to live up to his legacy.

So say We Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, sitting in state following Our Annual Martial Champion Tournaments, on this eighteenth day of July, AS LV (55).

(Note: The Baronial Martial Championship Tournaments
were not held due to plague.)