2021 Baronial Champions Day

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2021 Baronial Champions Day
July 31st 2021, 11am – 7pm

* Alternate Rain Date & Time TBA, If Needed,
in case of ‘less than clement’ weather, zombie apocalypse, or other needed postponements*

Baronial Emeritus Manse,
Creve Coeur, IL

116 Castleman Court, Creve Coeur, IL 61610
Link for Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/YmrQV5oZZSWiLkLi6

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This is a tournament local Baronial event to determine the upcoming year’s Baronal Marital Champions in Armored Combat, Rapier, Archery, and Thrown Weapons,
(*Barony of Illiton’s A&S Champion determined at 12th night competition in early January.)

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Important COVID-19 Information

Important Announcements
Due to COVID-19 SCA & Middle Kingdom Reopening Policy,
~* Attendees MUST Be On Pre-Registration List, Link Below *~

No Food May Be Shared!
Please being all of your own water for the event,
(non-alcoholic) drinks, snacks, elevenses, lunch, tea, evening supper picnic…
for yourselves and anyone travelling with you or in your immediate ‘pod.’

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Event Pre-Registration

Sign up is free.
~* ALL Attendees MUST Be On Pre-Registration List *~

~ If you are not on pre-registration list,
you will not be able to attend! ~


*Link will open in new page or tab, depending on browser settings

Click Here For SCA, Midrealm, and Illiton COVID-19 Related Announcements and Policies

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~ Watch Here For Any Changes! ~

Arrive & Set Up : 11am – Noon

Tournament Starts at 1:00 PM CDT
*Each tournament expected to take apx. 1 hour, including list setup and take down
* Schedule may be adjusted, watch here for updates

1pm: Rapier
2pm: Thrown Weapons
3pm: Archery
4pm: Armored

Court: 5pm

This will be a Picnic and Court occasion.
Attendees encouraged to partake of their picnics while court is in session.

End of Day: 7pm

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