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Website Work in Progress (ongoing and archival notes being caught up and reformatted)

Website, Facebook, and Calendar requests and turn around time:

  • All web and social media requests need to come through email.
    It is necessary for official communication, much easier to keep track of and find, and has the least problems using copy/paste for blocks of text to the website, Facebook, and the Calendar as needed.
  • Webminister checks email and Illiton’s Facebook group a minimum of 2-3 times a week during the times when nothing much is happening (from a webperson’s perspective).
  • Is available by phone or text should anything immediate come up.
  • When events and activities are being planned, the turn around goal for requests is 2-5 days from receipt of email, depending on complexity of task.
  • All other non-urgent requests, the turn around goal is within 5-10 days from receipt.

This is meant as a helpful guide to gather information required for an event website and social media.
Our Immediate Order of Operations:
a) Webfolks use the ASAP information from step 1 below to create a “Save the Date”(Home) Page on the website.
b) Within 2-5 days of receipt, Webminister or deputy will send completed webpage back to event coordinator to confirm everything is correct and nothing has been missed.
c) *Once confirmation is received*, webfolks will use this to create the Facebook Event and Google Calendar entry and publish all (3) together at once. The Event Steward and anyone designated will be added as co-hosts to the FB event.

*Important* Please assign someone on the event staff to be the PR person to promote the event across Facebook and other possibly interested social media groups.
The webminister/social media officer may not have knowledge of, or access to, relevant specialized groups and pages.
– Event steward, or someone designated, coordinates with webministers and deputies to update Website and Social Media, especially if the webminister is not on the event staff to update things ‘live’ as planning happens.

1) To get started, “Save the Date.”
This information is required to get started on the Webpage, Facebook, and Baronial Calendar. It is the same information needed for the Kingdom Calendar and PALE.
Once this information is published by the webminister, it is should not need to change. Changing this information after publishing is ill advised (no good comes of this!).
– When possible, send a copy of the approved event bid to the webminister to get started.

  • Name of Event
  • Date & Time, include any Friday and Sunday’s
  • Location
  • Event Blurb- a brief description about the event highlighting main activities.
    !!This required For Facebook Event Creation!!
  • Gate Fees for Adults, Youth, etc. +/- the “SCA Member Discount”
    (AKA ‘Non Member Surcharge’ – going up to $10 as of )
  • Feast Ticket price if applicable
  • *If possible please send your ideas for event theme, or a starter banner graphic for the website and FB event*
  • Not required, but very useful at this stage
    – Camping availability if it’s an overnight event
    – Is it a dry site?
    – Pet friendly?
    – Accessibility Statement about the site. Does it have handicapped parking, registered service animal only, ramps, handicapped bathrooms, quiet areas to withdraw, overall sound level of event… etc.

2) Next level of information required: This is where new sub-pages are eventually added to the home page (created above with the “Save the Date” information and used for posts to the Facebook Event.
We need to have as much information available as website parts ‘go live.’
– There is NOTHING more frustrating for potential attendees to find than “More Information Soon” when trying to decide if this is an event to invest in and attend.
– **Important/highlighted activities at events NEEDS/MUST be on the website 30-45 days from the event to get people motivated to travel to an event.**

  • Staff list with contact information! Autocrat/Event Steward; Class coordinator; Feast; Hall steward; Merchant coordinator; Royalty Liaison; Crash Space Coordinator; Volunteer wrangler… other cat herders as needed, etc.
  • Schedule of happenings at event, ideally this should be settled 20 days prior to the event. And MUST match what appears in print on the sitebook, at Gate, or around site.
  • Class List & Class Schedule, classes may have a different schedule from overall event
  • Activities- fighting, A&S, …
  • Volunteer sign up/call out
  • Teacher sign up/call out
  • Court if applicable, Morning &/or Afternoon
  • Lunch & Feast Menu with ingredients!
    If there is a feast, we must have both the menu and ingredients published at least 2 weeks before the event for those with food allergies deciding on tickets.
  • Crash space & Vittles; hotel locations nearby &/or someone organizing free crash space with locals. Local restaurants nearby.
    *This is a frequently asked question if this information is not easily available.
  • If not already published above:
    • Is it a dry site?
    • Pet friendly?
    • Camping availability if it’s an overnight event
    • Accessibility Statement about the site if not published already.
      Does it have handicapped parking, registered service animal only, all pet friendly, ramps, handicapped bathrooms, quiet areas to withdraw, overall sound level of event… etc.

3) Use of FB Event throughout event planning:
Once the Facebook Event is created, always post on the event and share posts from the Event page. Will help comments, questions, and other replies to stay more centralized, and not scattered across individual posts.