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Illiton Website Individual Page Count: 84

Update: 5-15-2020 (Next Update: 9/15/2020)
Due to surgery, new website updates will be on pause from 6/2020-8/15/2020. Will update if this timeframe changes.

The new website is under construction. Some pages may have incomplete or missing content or unlined images at any time, and pages may appear/disappear from the menus.
Follow website progress and updates below!

If you have any questions, corrections, suggestions, or updates for the website- please contact Lorelei:

Thank you and safe travels hither and yon!
~ YIS, Mistress Lorelei Skye of Sans Nomen,
Barony of Illiton Webminister & Social Media

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Progress Updates

List of pages in progress, Could appear blank, Images may be missing, or may appear/disappear from the page menu:

Repair remaining image glitches found across site 3-18-2020, including: images missing, seeing ‘alt-text’ and not the image… etc.

Awards – Gallery page is nearly complete as are the individual award pages.

Proclamations 8-2019 –> Current


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Upcoming Projects/Pages

Will start work on these later in 2020 as above projects wrap

Scribal Heraldic Gallery and pages
* Black and White image gallery for scribal useage. Gallery similar to the Award Gallery will attach to pages with just the BW art for the awards/honors and badges of Illiton and Lochmorrow

All Upcoming Events & Related
* 7/18 (7/25 ICO weather) Baronial Martial Champions Day
* 9/19 Schutzenfest (an Archery Specific Event)
* 10/TBA Inkin and Linkin – Peoria Heights Library

Document Library
*Place to find items such as: Illiton By-laws, Newsletter Archive, finalized business meeting notes, redacted baronial reports, baronial court reports, link to officer handbooks, etc.

*Space to share Illiton regalia, line of Baron/esses, current baronial champions…
– Illiton map: map of barony with important sites (river, roads, center of Lochmorrow, castles…)
Create a gallery of members of Illiton’s heraldic arms
– Line/lineage of baronage

Guild and Populace Information and Galleries
*Showcase projects and works from the guilds and members of Illiton- examples could include: Scrolls, David’s artwork, Nessa’s Cooking Subtleties, links to members event photo galleries, etc.

Tournament of the Courtier update through current, and court reports

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Completed Projects

Note: Dates listed here are when the project stage/page(s) was completed,
projects with multiple pages will show a date range of completion dates
List does not include work in 2019 from or on this new site

  • x-2019 –> 2-15-2020
    • WordPress site settings, theme, templates, page images
    • All (14) Main Pages manually ported, and debugged from iWeb on to new WordPress site
  • Remaining ‘sub-pages’ from ported, or created, and ‘live’ on
    • 2-12 –> 3-17-2020 Proclamation landing page, and 19 Proclamation sub-pages through 8-2019
    • 2-16 –> 3-4-2020 Award Gallery landing page, and 12 award sub-pages for awards through 8-2019
    • 2-23-2019 Award Recommendations, Baron’s Heraldic Quest
    • 3-17-2020 Tournament of the Courtier landing page, awards list
    • 3-17-2020 (non-published) Illiton’s Annual gift wrapping community service,
    • 3-17-2020 Past event, 2020 Baronial 12th Night
  • New Event Pages:
    • 1-30-2020 Event landing page
    • 1-2020 –> 3-16-2020 2020 Rites of Spring Event landing page, 7 sub-pages
    • 2-17-2020 Illiton Board Game Night at Peoria Heights
    • 3-7-2020 Regional War Practice
    • 3-12 –> 16-2020 Rites of Spring Cancellation Announcement page due to COVID-19
    • 4-2020 –> Midlands War Practice Cancellation Announcement due to COVID-19
  • Other New Pages:
    • 3-7-2020 Bulling and Harassment policy page created, linked to site footer

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