Proclamation 5 ~ Hippocampus Stables

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Pyrography by David of Lochmorrow, 6/28/2017

Begin Construction On the Hippocampus Stable

January 7, 2017 ~ AS51

Whereas it is known that the worth of a barony may be measured by the number and the quality of its horses; and whereas it is said that a well-constructed stable attracts discerning equines; and whereas it is known that spirited steeds must be handled with skill and care; therefore We, Baroness Maire and Baron John of Illiton, are resolved forthwith to begin construction of a new enclosure and exercise yard for Our beloved mounts and for the cherished horses of the nobility of Illiton.

The new barn and grounds shall be called THE HIPPOCAMPUS STABLE and it shall be the envy of all the equestrians of the Midlands. We appoint Lady Neania Silverhorse as its Keeper and dedicate baronial funds to the stable’s construction and continued maintenance.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, here in Our home lands, at the celebration of the Twelfth Night Observance, on this seventh day of January, AS LI (51).