Proclamation 3 ~ Bardic Arts Sanctuary

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Photo from Bardic Madness XVIII, Barony of Illiton ~ November 2016

Barony of Illiton Lands Declared a Bardic Arts Sanctuary

August 27, 2016 ~ AS51

Let it be known far and wide that we, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, declare that our domain, including our beloved Canton of Lochmorrow and all the lands that we hold in fief for the Crown, from this moment forth, is a BARDIC ARTS SANCTUARY.

We invite all singers and storytellers, poets and minstrels to visit our barony and entertain us.  To such worthies we say, “Stay for as long as you wish and we will arrange opportunities for you to perform for our populace.”  We especially seek-out those bards who illuminate the culture of our Society and strive to preserve the history of Illiton, the Midlands Region and the Middle Kingdom.  As The Honorable Lady Emer nic Aiden hath written, “Come and be welcome.”

So say we, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton (comprising one quarter of the Kontore League) in the presence of Their Royal Majesties, King Cameron II and Queen Amelie II, at Baroness Wars IV, in the Shire of Swordcliff, on this twenty-seventh day of August, AS LI (51).