Proclamation 27 ~ Premier Purple Pegasus

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Premier Award of the Purple Pegasus

November AS55

We who wear the coronets of Illiton are well-aware that children hold the future of Our barony in their hands. We comprehend that the youthful ones of Our land must be nurtured, encouraged and guided. Furthermore, We believe that when young Illitonites do good deeds, those deeds must be rewarded.

Therefore, it is Our privilege to create this day a new baronial honor. We hereby establish THE AWARD OF THE PURPLE PEGASUS, so named in memory of The Honorable Lady Pege Pendandohter. As the PREMIER recipient of this novel award, we select Our page, LIAM O’CONNOR.

We bestow upon Liam the right to bear the badge, Or, in pale a pegasus statant atop a roundel purpure charged with a gurges argent, and grant him leave to swim in the castle moat on hot summer days when he has finished his assigned duties.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, on the occasion of Our Second Ethereal Court in the Time of the Great Plague, on this seventh day of November, AS LV (55).