Proclamation 20 ~ Baronial Page

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Appointment of Baronial Page

January 4th, 2020

Proclaim throughout the land that We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, have duly noted and greatly appreciated the helpful assistance provided to us by Liam O’Connor. Young Liam has fetched and carried, lugged and toted, and delivered messages for us at various events. He has cheerfully served Us as both attendant and gofer and We wish now to reward his labors.

In consequence, today We appoint Liam O’Connor as Our BARONIAL PAGE, with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining thereto. When needed, he may borrow a pony from Our stables. When hungry, he may eat the scraps from Our table. Should his shoes wear out in Our service, he may ask Our Exchequer for the funds to replace them.

Let no man, woman or child hinder Our Page in the performance of his duties. Delay him not nor thwart him not. Do not even think about tripping him.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, at Our Celebration of Twelfth Night, on this fourth day of January, AS LIV (54).