Proclamation 19 ~ Premier Galley of Illiton

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Premier Recipients of the
Award of the Galley of Illiton

July 13, 2019 ~ AS54

Onto Their Royal Highnesses, Seto and Ynes, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom, do We Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, send most gleeful and heartfelt greetings.

Your Highnesses,

Whereas YOU KNOW that Illiton is a little barony that punches above its weight—a small band of stalwarts who consistently provide officers and other leaders to the Midlands region and to the kingdom as-a-whole and . . .

Whereas WE KNOW that such selfless service from helium-handed Illitonites enhances the reputation of Our people and brings word-fame to the Barony of Illiton and . . .

Whereas ALL KNOW that the two of you have traveled extensively beyond Our borders (including to the Pennsic War and to Gulf Wars), and that Prince Seto has long-labored as General of the Midrealm Army, and that you as-a-couple have now taken upon your shoulders the mantle of Tanists of the Middle Kingdom, a noble and exhausting task . . .

IT THEREFORE BEHOOVES US to grant unto you the AWARD OF THE GALLEY OF ILLITON. As the PREMIER RECIPIENTS of this award, you are given the right to bear the badge, Gyronny of twelve azure and argent, a lymphad Or and allowed preferential docking privileges at Illitontown Harbor. We wish You joy in Your voyage of discovery and a safe return to Us when Your journey is done.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, at Our Tournament of Martial Champions on this thirteenth day of July, AS LIV (54).