Proclamation 17 ~ Premier Goblet of Illiton

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Goblet of Illiton

Premier Recipient of the
Order of the Goblet

April 6, 2019 ~ AS53

The ancient oaks remember
What you saplings now must learn
So all shall hereafter know

That many reigns ago, Corin and Myfanwy, King and Queen of the Midrealm, did name Maria Teresa Riberio dos Santos FOUNDING BARONESS OF ILLITON. Baroness Maria Teresa led Illiton for twenty years, at the side of three different barons, in service to forty-one sets of Middle Kingdom royalty. At the end of that time, as a final service to her people, she stepped down from her throne and entrusted her beloved barony to the care of others.

Now do We, Baroness Maire and Baron John, most-current occupants of the thrones of Illiton, do hereby proclaim Our respect and admiration for Mistress Maria Teresa and name her PREMIER of Our ORDER OF THE GOBLET. We grant onto her the right to bear the badge (Fieldless) On a goblet Or a lymphad proper, sails furled argent.

As PREMIER of Our new order, Maria Teresa is tasked by Us to create the secret symbols, codes and hand signals with which she and future members of the ORDER OF THE GOBLET may privately communicate when in public.

So say We, Maire and John, Baroness and Baron of Illiton, at Our Rites of Spring Celebration on this sixth day of April, AS LIII (53).