Proclamation 1 ~ Banner Bog

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Forester Robert Thorne to lead company of Rangers

August 27, 2016 ~ AS51

Proclaim it now throughout the kingdom that we, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, do hereby set aside and dedicate the wild swamp lands known as BANNER BOG to be a Royal Game Preserve. Let all be told that no one may hunt or trap animals there without leave of Their Majesties of the Midrealm.

To enforce our will, we shall establish a Company of Rangers, who shall o’erwatch and patrol this perilous, eerie and untamed mire. The company shall be charged with duties three: to maintain the stalking trails; to protect the beasts within the fen from poachers and to prevent fearsome creatures from escaping the confines of the marsh and wreaking havoc upon the cultivated lands beyond.

All those who wish to volunteer for such hazardous employment should make themselves known to our Archery Champion, Forester Robert Thorne, who shall be entrusted to choose the members of this stalwart band.

So say we, John and Maire, Baron and Baroness of Illiton, in the presence of Their Royal Majesties, King Cameron II and Queen Amelie II, witnessed by the Combined Court of the Midlands Kontore League at Baroness Wars IV, in the Shire of Swordcliff, on this twenty-seventh day of August, AS LI (51).